Victor / Violet

It was difficult to hide his delight after drinking in her smooth, flowery scent.

Poison Bliss

Greya looked at the back of her hands where old scars resurface. Her knuckles split open and bleed out…

Dream Therapy: Impostor Syndrome

I followed its gaze to a plump woman with red, cotton ball hair, sweating profusely. She sweats so much she melts into a pool of flesh, sliding down the steps of the school.


Souls in a rolling wheel.

Run Millennial, Run!

A silhouette danced in front of the doorway, breaking mother’s attention from a gripping crime thriller.

Cold Ooze Kisses

Ehren needed a tough nanny to deter the pests attracted to his child.

Slither Inside You

He fell to the marble floor with a mighty flop. Crimson liquid trickles from his mouth…