Victor / Violet


Victor’s deep chestnut eyes widened when Violet approached the double doors of the fast-food restaurant — just as he was about to leave. He carried a bagged meal in one hand, chilled chocolate shake in the other, and needed to decide his fate, fast.

He pushed the door open with his shoulder and propped it open with his back.

“Oh, hey, thanks Victor,” Violet said, smiling. She entered the restaurant with the sun on her shoulders, but Victor scarcely saw her. He closed his eyes when she passed, trying not to look too pleased, trying not to smile too much or too wide. It was difficult to hide his delight after drinking her smooth, flowery scent. His nose tickled with bouquets of tart berry cream bliss.

“Y—yeah no problem Vi—”

She had already left.

Shocked he opened his mouth, Victor watched Violet longingly as she met up with friends once inside. One of them was Tom Myers, who pointed at the empty seat near Violet, urging Victor over. He shook his head no. She’s too beautiful to eat a cheeseburger and onion rings next to, he thought. I can talk to her another time.

There was always an excuse.

Once the flow of people entering slowed, Victor realized he was still holding the door open. He glanced at Tom again, then to Violet.

She froze when Victor set his food down and took the chair to her right.

“Now you can talk about how much you wanna kiss each other. HEYOO!” Tom said, loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Tom!” Violet squealed. 

“Hah! — Ow!” a girl next to Tom nudged him hard in the arm. “Sorry… Jeez.”

Victor saw Violet turn to him from the corner of his eye.

“Hey,” she whispered.

“Hey…” Victor forced himself to meet her gaze. She just kept smiling. It was contagious. His heart cheered him on, encouraging him. She likes you, Vic, Tom told you so… The spotlight on them subsided as Tom regaled the group with his strange adventure tales.

“Wanna… go out sometime?” Victor blurted. His eyes widened as he looked down, surprised and nervous by his bravery.

“Yes,” Violet said, lightning fast.

Victor looked up, surprised. “Yeah? Okay, cool…” he sighed and nodded, hardly able to contain his elation.

“Tomorrow night?” she asked. “You have my number, right?”

“Oh yeah, yeah… I’ll hit you up.”

Victor memorized it after all the times he almost called her but chickened out.

“You better,” she grinned and waved him goodbye, joining the gaggle of girlfriends who waved her over.

Victor opened his bag of food as he watched her go, desperate for tomorrow.

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  1. Knukkls

    Perfect expression of young love! Definitely made me reminisce of my own experience! Well done 🙂

    1. Kirsten Curcio

      Thanks and you’re welcome! Good memories are always fun to reflect on. 🙂

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