Wanna Feel the Shadows?

“Be with me.”

I suggest, breathless, in between kisses.

“Lay on the beach, dinner, and after…?” I wink.

She blushes, sheltering beneath her black fedora.

I smirk.

“Wanna feel the shadows?”

She asks beneath the sheets. It’s late now.

“How do you do that?” I ask.

“Close your eyes. We’ll feel them always,” she says.

I close them.

“What is that?”

Fear stirs inside me.

“Is that it?”

“Quiet. Listen,” she instructs me.

I was…

“I swear I heard — oh no—”

Her palm slaps across my lipstick.

“That’s it?” I mumble beneath vanilla scented fingers.

She nods, her silk strands dance on my neck.

I quit breathing, to hear…

“They’re all around me.”

My whispers are dots of soft sand,

but my heart is a drummer.

“It’s okay…” she beams.

Feet scrape across the floor, circling us.

“It’s cold now…”

I free my eyes.

No one’s here. Not even the ocean sounds.

She’s gone.

But they remain. Closer now, haunted air.


A pathetic scream.

No one hears

over the ocean’s magnificent roar.

I smell them…


I cry. It’s no use…

They’re under the sheets.

Vanilla scented cold shadows grip my legs.

I’m gone… Hers, always.
written by kirsten curcio
written by kirsten curcio

Kirsten is a mother and wife. She has driven through the Smoky Mountains twice, survived a hurricane, loves nature, travelling, photography and art.

Ghost Human Bones offers fiction lovers short stories and poetry. Dive into surreal, romantic, funny, haunting myths of our world and beyond by Kirsten Curcio.
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