Ending High

Ahh… It felt good to relax on the couch after waking up. Sure, I could’ve stayed in bed, but laying on the cold, smooth leather when the sun is still young, a light blanket wrapped around my shoulders, leaves dancing in the wind, cool breeze through an open window, fresh roast coffee. Mm! Nature, coffee and conversations with my conscience made each morning the highlight of my day.

We always spoke with honesty, never an agenda, only free flowing thoughts. The first that came to my mind today concerned life, and the end.

“Everyone just keeps talking, words on words. Someone did this or that, someone has a book deal, blah blah. Then boom. Nothing but white light. The crashing halt of us all.”

Why is the end on your mind? Too many apocalypse movies?

“Nah, just thinking about my path of life, everyone’s paths. Some parts are smooth or rocky. One section could have a huge hole in the center, but we’ll reach the other side. And sometimes, even past the holes, we can’t go any further, that’s when the path ends.”

Okay, that’s just life. Shit happens and all that. Isn’t that how it is on your earth?

“Yeah, life is a path. But ours is in pixels or digitized. I don’t know, maybe I’m just too high right now.”

I understand you just fine, keep going. The pixel life path?

“Okay, so, myself and everyone else in the world walk this path. But the path is in pixels because it’s all manufactured, digitized — too small for the naked eye to see. Even the earth is a pixel blue marble inside the pixel blackness of the universe, all in a single glass box. And someplace, somewhere, this box sits in the center of a quiet museum, a spotlight is above it, and the universe is on display for something higher. For another woman and a man, maybe. The eyes in the clouds.”

That’s deep. So, all the universe is stuffed inside a box that’s on display inside a museum. Where’s this museum at?

“I don’t know. Somewhere special, I think. But I feel weird with the thought of being contained and put on display. It’s sad. No wonder humans always have this desire to be free of something, you know?”

Hmm. I’m claustrophobic, like I’m looking around like I’m in a box right now, miming or some shit. Maybe I won’t come there when your time expires.

“What? When does my time expire?”

Well, actually, it did ten minutes ago. I guess I can stop playing dumb now. You had a brain aneurysm in your sleep. I couldn’t let you go without one more cup of coffee together.

Follow the light when you see it, old friend, it’s the way out of the museum...

Featured Image: Canva

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