One pin

small pinch,

squeeze in brain

wriggle an inch.

Poke steel cylinder

overflowing mind tips

eccentric drips…

Jigsaw puzzle memories

become words

spilled across glass —


put me to · geth · er




l   a   s   t

Featured Image: Team GHB


  1. Mike U.

    I really like the vivid imagery in this one as well as the physical appearance of the poem itself–it has a dagger-like quality, or perhaps that of an unopened flower bud. Also, those last six lines are so true–words just scream to be released sometimes and beg to be made corporeal. Your poetry rocks, Kirsten! 🙂

  2. Kirsten Curcio

    Thank you, Mike! That’s a good catch too with the physical appearance. 🙂

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