Stranger Talk

“Oh, now look… See? I knew this would happen. A guy is walking.” Wife said.

“Really?” Husband asked. “Where at?” He looks around, stumbling into training wheels in front of him.

“Beep Beep Daddy!” Daughter yelled. She pedals faster down the sidewalk.

“Sorry sweetie! Where’s the guy?”

“Straight ahead, he’s carrying bags of something… groceries, maybe? That looks like the Food Hippo logo. Why is everyone out when we are? We should start taking our walks later.”

“Oh, never seen him before…”

“We’re gonna have to walk past him. Do you think he’ll say anything when we do? Should we say something? Who goes first?”

“He won’t say anything.”

“Ugh! I don’t know what to say if he says something.”

The guy comes closer. Inches away.

“My! That’s a pretty cool bike you got there!” Guy says to Daughter with a smile.

“Thank you!” she giggles.

Beaming, the husband and wife wrap up their brief interaction with gratitude and echoed warm goodbyes.

“So that’s how it’s done.” Husband said.

“Hm?” Wife asked.

“That’s how you talk to people. Just compliment something nice.”

They go on trailing behind their daughter, excited for the next person to pass by.


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