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“Well, that guy’s a jerk.” Timothy says.

I close and lock the door, smiling inside at his correct assessment of Emilian Grim.

After he yelled at me in class that I was distracting, boring, and naked at his home, his sour attitude with Timothy just now and that unnecessary door slam, I’m done with him. I tried kindness, but he doesn’t want it. That man is the son of misery. Nothing but a selfish, hairy bully with poor eyes.

Oh well. Can’t let him kill my fantastic mood.

“Would you like a refreshment, Timothy? I have water, tea, or maybe a popsicle? It’s kinda warm out.”

“Nah, I’m good, thanks.” He smiles sexily, following my every move.

I go to the curtains and pull them open. Sunshine pours in, bursting across the living room in rich gold and cotton candy hues.

Everything feels right.

I admire my tumbled stones sitting in a pretty row on the windowsill, recharging in the sun. Black tourmaline catches my eye and I remember Emilian. It’s the stone I offered him before our test. He didn’t touch it, but his negative energy was so strong most of its outer layer chipped off being near him. That was the stone protecting me from his negative vibe.

This is why I love them. With my stones, I fuse with nature. I can always count on them for the truth.

“Hey there.”

Timothy slips his arms around my waist from behind, pulling me close. I lean against his chest, beaming goofily as we watch the sun lower.

My nerves bubble in my tummy.

Seconds turn to minutes. I’m putty in his warm embrace.

“We don’t have class tomorrow.” Timothy whispers in my ear, lightly kissing my earring. I feel his heart pounding against my back, but his tone is steady and cool. “I’d love to take you out tonight. Dinner on the beach, maybe?”

He strokes my arms softly, trailing to my hips, across my tummy and further down.

I… If he keeps going…

“Oo! Heh, um.” I slowly push from his embrace and take his hands. “I love the beach. That sounds great… Uh, let me freshen up real quick, okay?” I stand on my toes to kiss his smooth cheek and drink his fresh citrus cologne scent in one more time. Mmm.

“Sounds good.” He sits on my cream-colored loveseat. “You have a really nice place, Misa. The whole nature, beach and chill vibe is cool. Definitely reminds me of you.”

Ohmygosh. Ohmygosh. “T-thank you.” I chew my lip, following his excited gaze around my living room. I’m shaking so much I hold my hands behind my back, squeezing tight.

Since I decorated it myself, his compliment means a lot.

There are soft tones of blush pink, white and cream colors throughout. I have more plants inside than furniture and use my nature photography to decorate the walls. There’s a generous sized kitchen with attached dining area, and my cozy living room leads out to a big patio. Every morning I have my tea or coffee out there admiring the wildflowers and the birds.

If everything goes well with my new job, I can see myself here for a while. Until I move in with my future husband. Whoever that’ll be.

Ooh… But I’m way ahead of myself.

Remember, you’re just having fun right now. Nothing serious.

“I’ll go get ready. The remote is on the coffee table. Make yourself at home. I won’t be long.”

Timothy pouts, watching me leave.

I close my bedroom door and leap in the air. My entire body is throbbing. To calm my heart, I hug myself. It’s difficult when I just want Timothy to come in…

No, no, no. This is when men’s word spells work the fastest—when I’m melting.

Doesn’t matter. I’m likely under one already.

Timothy caught me out of nowhere this evening with apologies, money and kisses. Funny how things move so fast. I was about to make homemade meat sauce, ravioli and wash it down with the red wine from the other night. Not anymore!

I scream then cover my mouth quick. Hopefully Timothy didn’t hear my nerdy excitement.

Twenty minutes later I’m checking myself out one last time. I’m wearing a blush pink embroidered off-the-shoulder mini dress with strappy brown sandals. My black hair is in loose curls styled in a low side pony. My makeup is natural and I’m wearing my favorite honey grapefruit scented perfume.

I feel beautiful inside and out. Not distracting or boring, like Emilian said I was. How could anyone be boring? Everyone has something to offer.

I crack my door open watching Timothy on the couch. He’s engrossed in a show where a panel of men give rapid-fire analysis about another man’s triumphs with a ball.

Emilian had on basketball shorts last night. Maybe he watches this show too.

I can’t believe he saw me naked. Ugh, and he was mean to me after that happened, which means he doesn’t like me.

Maybe he thinks I’m ugly.

Figures. Hot mean guys like Emilian hang out with tall girls with bright hair and black curtains hanging off their eyes. He probably bends them over with his grades taped to their back as he makes love to them, especially after the sounds I heard him making last night. All that manic grunting and deep, intense moaning.

Mm. Ugh, stop it! Emilian doesn’t matter anymore. Plus, he’s seeing someone else, so there’s that…

Oh well.

I take a few deep breaths and open my bedroom door wide. Please don’t let me down, Timothy.

“I’m ready if you are.” I clutch my bag tight.

Timothy turns around. His big blue eyes light up when he sees me.

“Misa… You’re as beautiful as the sunset we watched together.”

Ahh, he’s so sweet.

I gaze at him. He’s wearing a stylish white short-sleeve shirt with the top two buttons undone, light-colored jeans and sneakers so bright they must be new. His dirty blonde hair is thick and styled to look messy. Even his eyebrows are the same color.

He looks me up and down with those dimples again and I imagine us naked in bed, whispering pretty words in my ear.

This is the happiest I’ve been in forever.

Timothy takes my hand. We head out. After I lock up, he pulls me into a deep kiss, pressing me into the wall.

“I really like you,” he breathes against my neck.

Ahh. This is what I need.

But… it’s too fast.

“Let’s go eat.” I beam and take Timothy’s hand.

We head down a little garden path to the parking lot. I look back and see Emilian’s door slowly close.

Was he watching us?

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