Beneath cotton blankets

her mind is restless

watching a dull sunrise

sprinkle through the window

She daydreams in bed

manifesting you

to caress herself to

It doesn’t work

You never come

Instead, her lights flicker

unseen footsteps creak across the floor

Even a white orb captured on camera

occasionally lingers at her door

She wants more

More to see, smell, hear, touch, taste

Every day

she imagines your answer

with kisses and whispers

Sweet greetings from

ten soft stroking fingers

and one hard member

deep inside her dreams...

Featured Image: Canva


  1. Bogdan Dragos

    Ah yes, my absolute favorite activity :))

    Awesome poem, Kirsten! ヽ(•‿•)ノ

    1. Kirsten

      Mine too :)) Makes the time pass pleasantly, haha. Thank you for reading, Bogdan!

  2. Daily Poetry

    A beautiful poem, very sensual.

    1. Kirsten

      Thank you so much! 🙂

  3. Pooja G

    Ooh loved it!

    1. Kirsten

      🥰Thanks so much Pooja!

      1. Pooja G


  4. mercutio

    I can see this so vividly and it’s absolutely lovely. Very enticing…

    1. Kirsten

      Thank you, mercutio. I’m pleased you enjoyed it. 😊

  5. Jeff Flesch

    Beautifully expressed, Kirsten. Sensual and elegant. ✨🌹

    1. Kirsten

      Thank you for reading and your kind words, Jeff! I appreciate it 🙂

      1. Jeff Flesch

        You’re welcome, Kirsten. It’s my pleasure. ✨🌹


    What a beautiful poem Kirsten!
    I hope this is not Misa thinking about Timothy!!

    1. Kirsten

      Haha no way! Thank you so much Devang! 🙂


        Keep sharing 🙏🏼

  7. Dawn Pisturino

    A very sensual and erotic poem!

    1. Kirsten

      Ah, thank you so much Dawn. I appreciate you! 💕

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