Silence Pays Well

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”

The typical company line of convenient answers

when Superior preferred not to bother

with solutions for outstanding business continuity matters

from Liz, a few floors below


they spiraled to that bridge

Broken employee morale, business audit fails

five alarm fires, daily hell

“Now that we’re here, how will we cross?”

Liz asked Superior

She looked at Liz, lost

You figure it out,” Superior barked

You didn’t properly forecast. This is your fault!”


Liz figured it out

She pushed superior off that bridge

Now she couldn’t listen

to her unhelpful bullshit

And not a soul spoke

since the work was finally done

and the money came in

Hefty settlements for silence

Conveniently forgetful

smiling faces…

written by kirsten curcio
written by kirsten curcio

Kirsten is a mother and wife. She has driven through the Smoky Mountains twice, survived a hurricane, loves nature, travelling, photography and art.

Ghost Human Bones offers fiction lovers short stories and poetry. Dive into surreal, romantic, funny, haunting myths of our world and beyond by Kirsten Curcio.
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