Independence Grinch

“This is boring? What do you mean?

It’s for our kids,

let them dream” Husband says

“But it’s a ruse,” Wife shakes her head

“A bunny rabbit hiding eggs of candy

A fat man sliding down a chimney

A fairy stealing teeth while kids sleep

Independence Day?

Pure fantasy. I’ve had enough

of these traditions already”

“Okay then, simply pretend

Think of it as a temporary tale

instead of some unending

holiday hell”

“I’ll try. Likely fail

I’m not really into holidays

as you can tell”

“Just take a red sip

A little more wine, less whine, babe

Let’s have fun

Watch the fireworks shine”

“Okay,” Wife smiles

“At least we’re all here together,

for a time”

written by kirsten curcio
written by kirsten curcio

Kirsten is a mother and wife. She has driven through the Smoky Mountains twice, survived a hurricane, and loves nature, travel, art, and photography.

Ghost Human Bones offers fiction lovers short stories and poetry. Dive into surreal, romantic, funny, haunting myths of our world and beyond by Kirsten Curcio.
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