Independence Grinch

“This is boring?
What do you mean?
It’s for our kids,
let them dream.” Husband says.

“But it’s a ruse,”
Wife shakes her head.
“A bunny rabbit hiding eggs of candy
A fat man sliding down a chimney
A fairy stealing teeth while kids sleep
Independence Day?
Pure fantasy.
I’ve had enough of these traditions already.”

“Okay then, simply pretend
Think of it as a temporary tale
instead of some unending
holiday hell.”

“I’ll try. Likely fail.
I’m not really into holidays
as you can tell.”

“Just take a red sip.
A little more wine, less whine, babe.
Let’s have fun.
Watch the fireworks shine.”

“Okay." Wife smiles.
"At least we’re all here together,
for a time.”

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