“I can’t do it anymore,” he said


loaded gun to his temple

“Help me…” He sobbed,

not a soul could hear

until the trigger pull

brought everyone near

“Don’t worry, we’re here for you!”

He heard his friends above

worried about his struggling body

and how without him,

they can’t go on

But where were you before

I blew my brains on the floor?

I screamed so loud, for years

All those tears…

“Don’t go, daddy!”

A little boy and girl calls

Familiar voices he hadn’t met

he suddenly felt compelled to protect

“Without you, we cannot be.

Please, please, come to life with me.”

“And me, daddy!”

Their nonsensical words quickly made sense

he’d seen another purpose

to live

With me, we will be.

For you, I will succeed.

He spoke the truth

opening his eyes to wide-eyed doctors

declaring miraculous survival

His head repaired

by the brain surgeon, he’d later wed

raising a son and daughter

they created


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