The Night That Split

Parked in a crowded department store lot, Clay Wind sits locked inside his car, staring at a small black case and the brown paper bag it was delivered in. Compared to the other cases he received, this one is unmarked and suspicious.

Regardless, Clay’s private acquaintance, known for their skill in retrieving the finest of Earth’s lost treasures, came through in record time.

“I’m going to invite everyone over tonight to watch this.” Clay says, beaming with confidence in the rearview mirror.

He starts the engine, racing home.

Hey, come over?

Clay asks his friends in an ongoing group chat, eager to get everyone together.

Tom: Heyoo?

Tonight. I got the hookup I was talking about, remember? An old movie from Earth.

Victor: It’s not a movie with someone in a courtroom the entire time, is it?

Emilian: Or unnecessary explosions and/or singing?

No. It’s a dark psychological thriller by a renowned filmmaker and storyteller.

Emilian: I don’t live in the district.

Why you asking questions then, man?

Victor: I’ll come.

Tom: Make sure your girlfriend comes too, and her friends.

Emilian: Hmm.

Emilian left the conversation.

Bring everyone! I’ll get food.

That evening, fifteen friends gather at Clay’s house.

They dine on melty pizza, juicy milk-lime mint burgers, chilly chocolate shakes and hot crinkle fries while Clay set the movie up.

After a hearty bite of sausage jalapeno pizza, he presses play. The living room falls quiet. An image of a rotating Earth and triumphant music plays, followed by the intense baby blues of a red-haired little girl in the opening scene.

“Heyoo?” Tom asks. He leans forward, squinting at the eighty-inch screen.

The little girl stands in perfect form, steadying a shiny rainbow-colored ball up to her face. She lunges, the ball slips from her fingers, soaring through the air. It strikes the wood floor with a mighty thump, rolling through the standing pins. Only two nonadjacent pins remain.

Determined music ensues as she grabs the rainbow ball again, going for the killer shot.

Victor scans the room, looking confused. “Is this the movie, bro?” he asks.

Clay nods. “It’s just coming on.”

Voices whisper, one after another, merging into the same shared concern.

“Babe, look… It’s not the same movie.”

Victor’s girlfriend Violet whispers to him, holding her phone screen to his face. His eyes shift left to right, studying it. He scowls at Clay.

“That shit about bowling!” Tom blurts. He links arms with the women between him, heading for the door.

“C’mon Clay, that’s not M. Night Shyamalan’s Split, that’s bootleg. I thought you had the hookup.” Victor says, disappointed. He and Violet follow Tom out.

Everyone else does the same.

Featured Image: Canva

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    I’m still running behind!
    Here to mark my presence
    Also to show I receive notifications of your latest blogs 😅

    1. Kirsten

      No worries friend, I appreciate you! 🙂 Take your time. I’ve been swamped lately myself.


        I will start reading 3-4 blogs of yours. 😝
        There are few bloggers, who publish daily, so it’s easy to catch up. The interesting thing about your work is it’s all related so need a continuity. I’m fortunate to find your blog.

      2. Kirsten

        I’m jealous of those who can post that frequently. I’m a slow writer and editor. 🤣


        Well I also post weekly.
        My niche don’t allow me more than.
        I know your stories also take time. It’s hard to write them.
        I followed certain sites recently, they post 7-8 blogs a day. So it’s hard to catch work of those whose work I love. I keep notifications in that case.
        I have a written a blog for certain site, they said, they will publish on Tuesday. So I’ve 2 blogs coming this week.

      4. Kirsten

        I will keep an eye out for your next blogs! 😊

  2. Knukkls

    Lol! I was confused at first but I like how all your characters intertwine in your writing. Funny little story too.

    1. Kirsten

      Haha yeah, this is not a continuation of Honey Grim, but it was inspired by real life events. 🤣

  3. Jeff Flesch

    Awesome write, Kirsten. I want to try those burgers. 😁

    1. Kirsten

      Thank you Jeff! Haha, you’re braver than me! I’d have to try it without the milk. 😝💀

      1. Jeff Flesch

        You’re welcome, Kirsten, always! Hahahaha. Yea, probs me too. 😆

  4. Pooja G

    Don’t know how I missed this post before but loved it!

    1. Kirsten

      Ah no worries! Thank you for reading! 💞😊

      1. Pooja G

        My pleasure! 💖


    After faded rhythm, it should be everything happens for a reason. I’m a bit confused now. Please guide.

    1. Kirsten

      This is not related to Misa and Emilian’s story.
      Although Emilian is in this story via a group chat, this story is about his friend, Clay, who lives in a different area. 😁
      Clay just happened to message him.


        Ahhh…. You are setting up a grim and honey universe?? 😱😃
        This would be interesting if you ever end the story. These characters would make an interesting story. Then cameo of grim and misa would cool

      2. Kirsten

        Haha, perhaps! We’ll seeeee 🙂


        How are your Kirsten??
        How are things around you??
        Sorry for not asking this before!!
        I really hope you are fine 🙂

      4. Kirsten

        I’m doing great actually! Just enjoying the rain and thunder on this Friday evening. Things are going well, I cant complain. 🤗 How are you Devang?


        I’m glad to hear that.
        Here’s it’s raining a lot from last 3 days.
        Today is day 4, but no clear sky.
        My cits is called as Lake City, so rain is a good thing. I’m great.
        The good news is I’m so close to the story. Now I will be able to read it whenever you will post.

      6. Kirsten

        That’s a lot of rain, stay dry!
        Heyoo! I’m excited you’re caught up now! I should have the next posted sometime Sunday morning (my time). 😎


        Oh my god. I will wait for it then.
        There’s a blog “Mr grim” that I’ve to read.
        Then, I am planning to read your other blogs. You are an excellent writter and I can’t get enough of your work.

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