Love in the Afternoon

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:: this story contains adult themes


“Emilian! I can’t believe you got me a new car. This is crazy… Its—this is nice!”

I’m back at home gawking at a sexy white convertible shining like a diamond in my parking spot.


I know little about cars, but this looks expensive. It has an all-black interior, cameras, and sleek high-tech features I know nothing about. There’s even a tiny slot on the passenger side for my forever sunflower to sit and gaze out the window. 

Ah! So sweet.

It’s a relief to have a reliable vehicle now—for free.

“You’ll look great in this car, Misa.”

Buried memories bubble up thinking about my old car. I’ll never forget Micah’s proud face when he handed me the keys.

“Would you like to talk about your brother?” Emilian whispers, taking my hands in his.

Why does it feel like he’s constantly reading my mind?

I stare at the ground, mentally burying Micah’s memory. Nothing good will come talking about bones.

I shake my head. “Um, I wanna stay happy right now, you know? I-I love the car. I can’t thank you and Grim Systems enough. I just can’t talk about him. Not yet… I’m sorry.”

“No apologies, Misa. I’m here if you need a heart and an ear.”

“That’s sweet.”

He chuckles. “I’m learning.”

Emilian’s phone rings. He checks the screen, answers, then stares at me.

He holds the phone away from his face.

“Do you mind getting your front door replaced today? The guy can be here in two hours, then we can get rid of the hole in yours.”

“Oh, yeah, no, that’s fine. Thank you so much.”

He steps aside to finish his call.

I watch him leaned against his beastly black truck, smiling as he speaks. His light brown skin glitters in the sunlight. He’s handsome. Not too muscular, not too lean. He’s wearing a light blue collared shirt with the sleeves rolled up, dark slacks, and dress shoes. His dark hair is messed to perfection, different from his usual parted to the side neat hairstyle.

Jeez, he fooled me.

When we met, I thought Emilian was the meanest person alive the way he treated me. But he’s not. Beneath his dark shell, there’s a light inside. A tenderness. I’m thankful I gave him a chance.

He’s a good man.

“So, what should we do for two hours?” Emilian asks, pocketing his phone.

“Well, I haven’t seen your place yet. How about a tour?” I stand on my tiptoes, smiling and hopeful.

His deep-set eyes darken when he grins. “Hmm. Alright.”

.     .     .

The layout of Emilian’s apartment is like mine, but inside it’s decorated like Grim Systems. Scents of clean linen linger in the air. Everything is sterile, neat, made of glass or in shades of black, gray, and white.

I take my heels off and follow along as he points to everything with no context.

“Living room, dining, kitchen.” He shrugs.

Straight to the point. Tours aren’t his strength. “Very nice.” Other than furniture, there aren’t any photos around or décor. “It’s so clean and empty in here.”

“Yes. I don’t like mess, clutter. It complicates things.”

“Hm.” I feel Emilian’s eyes as I gaze around his living room. The air is thick with unsaid desire. “So… where do you sleep?” I smile, hoping to go into the one place he failed to mention on our brief tour.

After a few quick steps, we end at closed double doors. Emilian twists the knob, allowing me inside first.

I’m amazed.

At first, I figured his bedroom would be a pitch-black abyss, but this is far from it.

The gray walls and dark wood floor add a small grim touch. There are plants in gold pots and pretty lights that look like floating orbs beside his bed. Large picture windows line the walls, displaying bushy trees swaying in the breeze, dazzling in the afternoon sun.

I run my fingers across the smooth white comforter, imagining moonlight splashing on his naked body while he sleeps.

“It feels just as good as it looks. Try it.” Emilian suggests, standing in front of the window. With the light shining behind him, he looks like a silhouette standing there.

I move to the center of the bed, sinking into a cloudy bliss.

“Is it nice?” He approaches. Our eyes lock.


Long silence and grins bounce between us. We know what we want…

But something tells me he likes to watch first.

I take a deep breath, starting with my pink blazer. Emilian watches fiercely as I undo the buttons one by one, slowly revealing my black blouse beneath.

I look at him.

“Continue.” He orders, unbuckling his belt. It falls to the floor with a heavy thump.

I’m down to my bra and G-string when I notice he’s only in his dress shirt, already undoing the buttons. His hard cock sways between his legs, glistening at the tip with black liquid.

“And all the rest.”

I freeze in place as he stands bedside like a naked God. His penetrating gaze circles me like a soft, warm rope lassoed around my body.


“Misa!” His voice cracks like a whip.

So bossy. I bite the corner of my lip, trying to hide my excitement.

Everything goes. No more shyness.

I spread my legs and lean back, gently massaging my wetness for his viewing pleasure. Slow, steady, seductive. Emilian strokes himself, finding rhythm with my movements.

Watching him sparks a fire in me, burning deeper each second that passes. He’s fit and glowing. His chest is broad, scattered with thin, dark hair I can’t wait to run my fingers through.

I push my middle finger inside me, pumping in and out. I’m ready. I want him.

He grunts and walks off to his dresser, taking out a black square. He read my mind again. My eyes slam shut, listening to the wrapper open. Butterflies flutter in my tummy.

Yes! It’s happening!

Emilian joins me on the bed, positioning himself between my legs. With him, I feel small but protected, like I’m eclipsed by a powerful force.

We kiss like mad.

The days that passed not seeing each other clearly took a toll. I never want to be without him again. All I wanted was Emilian, even when I was with Timothy. Since the first day I saw him in class, sitting by that window, looking serious and scholarly.

“I want you forever.” He whispers against my lips, hugging me tight.


I clutch his forearm, bracing myself as he slowly pushes inside of me. Ahh… so hard… Like he’s stuck. He hisses and pulls out, then plunges deeper, draining every breath from my body.

“Emilian!” I cry out, clutching the bedsheets with both hands. My back arches high in response. He looks concerned and stops moving, cupping my face in his hands.

“Sorry—sorry… Are you okay?”

“Don’t stop!” My breathing is erratic. I want more of him.

So much more.

I watch him move above me with his sexy lips swollen from our rough kisses, moaning softly with each slow thrust. His powerful arms wrap around me, smothering me in kisses down my neck. He moves to my chest, grabbing a handful of my breast, nibbling and sucking my nipple. He does the same with the other, back and forth, savoring every inch of me. Kissing, sucking and pumping. Over and over.

I’m losing control…

How do we make time stop?

Our hot and manic bodies roll across the bed. Without a shred of shyness, I get on top of Emilian, bouncing up and down, riding him hard. He grins, brushing my hair behind my ear and out of my face, cradling my cheek in his hand. Ooh! I can’t get over how he looks at me with those big brown eyes. So passionate, so loving.

I put my hand over his, the other holding onto his warm chest, feeling his heart pound against my palm. Instantly, I feel the connection between us, and I sense Emilian does, too. Every touch, thrust and kiss holds sparks and deep meaning.

We feel right together, and we know it.

Clenching with all my might, I grip his arms, pinning him down. Emilian’s eyes slam shut, gritting his teeth. “Come in me.” I lean forward, whispering against his lips as he drills me below. “Ooh… come in me, please, please!” I grind down, driving his thick cock deeper.

Breaking from my grip, Emilian picks up speed, holding my hips as I’m lunged into the air. “Misa…” he moans.

“Yes! Do it! Come, baby!”

Emilian’s glasses slide down his nose, hanging off from the motion. He’s grunting and panting. Ugh, he’s so hot! Like a sexy, handsome, powerful nerd. How did we happen? My mind runs wild. I imagine him coming without wearing that protection. All that black liquid shooting inside me like a rogue hose, filling me to the brim.

What would that feel like?

I want it so bad…

“Yes…” I moan every time his lips touch mine. “Yes…”

Our bodies make a skin smacking sound that echoes throughout the room. Faster, harder, kissing, sucking. Harder, faster… I clench tight, holding him hostage inside me. His fingers dig into my hips as he growls, holding me hard in place.

“Ahh!” I cry out.

He shudders and holds me close as his cock drains, kissing me softly.

We lay unmoving, breathless, silent, and smiling. Our sweaty limbs stay linked, cooling beneath the ceiling fan.

Moments later, Emilian goes to the bathroom. I lay back, watching the trees sway in the window when I hear another wrapper open.

The bed lowers beside me.

Emilian’s hand slips between my thighs, gently caressing my wetness with his fingertips.

Our eyes meet.

“We’re not done.” He says darkly, standing on his knees on the bed. His hard cock pointed at me.

My heart races. “Ohmygosh.”

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    Jesus Christ Kirsten!!!
    What was this!!!
    I shouldn’t have read this at night 😅

    1. Kirsten

      Muhaha. It’s just a gentle life moment between two characters. It happens quite often with adults. Without it, we wouldn’t have been born. 😝🤣

      Thank you for reading!



        It was Ghost Human boned!!
        What’s black liquid?
        Last time I checked it was white 😅.
        You are such a great share.
        You are extraordinary.

      2. Kirsten

        Haha yeah it was. That should’ve been the title.
        And the black liquid I cannot say. Story secrets. 🤐

        Thank you so much Devang for your kind words! ☀️🤗


        Grim is not human or something 😅.
        Maybe this was a dream.
        Have a peaceful day ahead.
        My day is over.
        I’ve read a blog of you, I’m glad.

  2. Pooja G

    Loved it 🥵🥵

    1. Kirsten

      I’m pleased you enjoyed it! 🤗Thank you so much for reading!

      1. Pooja G

        My pleasure!

  3. Anonymous

    That is pure adrenaline and fire in words. Amazing write, Kirsten. 🔥💞🔥

    1. Kirsten

      Thank you so much, you’re making me smile. 🌻💞

  4. Anonymous

    Holy shit! What an eloquent and sophisticated way through such an easily pornographic and salacious topic. You ma’am have a gift.

    1. Kirsten

      Thank you for the compliment! Haha, I’m so happy you like it. 😍

  5. Jeff Flesch

    My precious comment may be hiding from you. I enjoyed this poem immensely. It’s sensuality and eroticism are divine. Amazing write, Kirsten. 💞

    1. Kirsten

      Aww thank you so much, Jeff! So nice. I’m very pleased you liked it. 💕 Oh, and it’s all good! My site was having some issues yesterday but this comment came through just fine.

      I hope you have a great weekend! 🤗

      1. Jeff Flesch

        You’re most welcome, Kirsten. Always! 💞 Ah, I’m glad you are seeing it, wonderful! Thank you, and a wonderful weekend to you! 🤗

      2. Kirsten


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