You’re uncertain why

you return

Every day you watch, it comes

damn doom

Snaking along invisible

poisoning the home

It clutches you by the jaw

open wide

dripping darkness into minds

settle in, shut down inner light

Thoughts bubbling with despair,

watching too much TV

then feel strange wondering if you’re crazy

for questioning 'reality'

Ah, everyone has a dilemma your taxes never fix

until you recognize the game is rigged

there’s no coming back from this…

Okay, just wait for the next smooth operator savior

All that power behind podiums

talking, important papers,

official seals, doublespeak

It’s election season, remember?

Weapons, race, life, Christ

"Are you offended yet?

Yes? Great, vote for me!"

Ugh! It’s dripping on me

Damn doom

It settles inside on a mission to distort minds

producing shadows where there once was sun

establishing uncertainty where I once was strong

I must let go, sever the power

I’m going to live my life

With a peaceful,

quiet mind

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