All You Do Is Lie

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I have everything one could only dream of…

Yet emptiness consumes me.

Even on this yacht, riding the blue, drinking amber something.

Utterly alone.


Beside me, black and white static materializes into a tall male physique.

“Ah, the boss is in.” I raise my glass. “Care for a drink?”

He quietly hands over a black leather-bound portfolio with a gold crown emblem on the cover. Below that is the name Grim engraved in powerful lettering.

“Grim?” I ask. “As in House Grim?”

“One and only.” His voice is serious sounding, lined in static.

I drain my glass. “Yeah. I’m not reading this.”

“I see. Since you refuse to review this intelligence, I take it you understand the trouble to come if your pursuit of certain interests continues?”

On its own, the portfolio opens to a portrait of a stern-faced suit-and-tie wearing Emilian Grim and no context.

“Frightening.” What does Misa see in him? “He should smile more, like me. There’s plenty to be happy about and no one would know better than him, considering he took my happiness. But of course, with your all-knowing eyes, you already know that.”

“He is frightening… for a reason.” Emilian’s face and the portfolio bursts into millions of silvery static pieces raining into the ocean. “You’re going to stay away from Mr. Grim and the Honey woman you’ve had Pace following around.”

“So you are watching me.” I knew it. “Does that go both ways because I’d love to know who you are.”

“I am patient, to an extent. That’s the only information you need about me. As for Mr. Grim–”

“Mr. Grim wouldn’t be an issue if you didn’t freeze my account during my first engagement with Miss Honey. Instead of meeting him, she’d be with me. Now. Here, sailing under this beautiful sky, watching this sunset, her on wine, me on beer… Peaceful things normal couples do.”

“You’re not normal. You shouldn’t have been on any engagement, nor do you require a relationship during an order. The redhead is your cover.”

“Ah, come on. I’ve always indulged while handling orders, now I can’t take souvenirs?” While I can’t see his face, I feel his glare. “Whatever. The redhead interferes. It’s a pain. Did you know she placed explicit photos of herself around here like we’re actually dating? I’m still offended.”

“And you maintained that cover when Miss Honey discovered the photos so shut up with your complaints. The redhead’s interference is necessary to keep this order on track.”

Uh-huh. No sense in arguing further… Seems like the type to throw someone overboard without remorse.

“What’s the buyer’s temp? I assume that’s what you’re here to discuss.”

Hopefully they didn’t cancel the order. It pays well, after all.

“Irritation. They’re upset because of your delay. They want their order fulfilled, as do I.”

“It will be done.”

“It better. Your identity expires in two days. I highly recommend you fulfill the order before that happens.”

“So soon? Ah jeez, this Timothy Hollow name and rich university prick act was really growing on me.”

“Fulfill the order. Leave Black Mountain. Simple.”

His static form breaks then vanishes into the gold skyline, departing without a proper goodbye.

“Nice speaking to you too, boss.”

.     .     .

Pace sets an unmarked pink portfolio on the dining room table.

“It’s all there. I’ll be on deck.” He says, leaving me the room.

Ah, the long-awaited steamy scenes…

I shuffle through the embraces, sucking, kisses, and endless fucking captured outside of Emilian Grim’s bedroom window.

Jealously is an understatement.

Oh, Misa…

Maybe I was too pushy. Came on too strong. Living this life, I’m used to things moving fast. It’s second nature. Now, after all the orders I’ve fulfilled, this is the one I don’t want to complete, just because of her.

But she moved on now.

I stare at my phone, wishing we could talk.

Maybe one more attempt…

Since the security on Misa’s devices changed, it has taken longer to navigate through the tangled code Emilian likely helped her with. Although, he doesn’t understand how determined I can be.

“Hello?” Misa’s sing-song voice answers on the second ring.

Got through faster than I expected.

“Hey beautiful.”


“Don’t hang up. Please—”

“You got some nerve calling me. I don’t want to speak to you.”

“Misa! Wait, please!” She’s silent, but the call didn’t drop. “Are you there?”

Her miserable sounding sigh feels like she’s completely over me.

“What do you want, Timothy?”

“Remember our date on the beach when we saw that massive jade star rip across the sunset?”


“My wish came true.”

“What wish?”

“For you to be happy.”


“I know you are now.”

“What? Y-You’re scaring me. Are you watching me? I know you sent Pace to break in my apartment. What’s wrong with you?”

“No, no, that wasn’t my intent. I’m sorry for the fright. I was worried and sent him to check on you. It was days since we spoke. I hoped we could talk.”

“No, all you do is lie and freak me out. I-I have to go.”

Great. She hates me.

I hear Emilian’s deep voice in the distance asking her if she’s okay.

“Agh, listen—everything you know about me is a lie for a reason. That’s the truth. One day I’ll be able to explain.” I look at my phone. She’s still on and I’ve already said too much. “Okay, Misa?”

Our connection drops.


“Goodbye beautiful, for now.”

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