The House of Dead Leaves – Published on Spillwords

I am so thrilled to share my poem The House of Dead Leaves was published on Spillwords Press. Special thank you and warm vibes to all of my kind friends here on WordPress for reading and your continued support of my work, as well as Dagmara K and the Spillwords team.


We arrive at a house composed of mustard-brown bricks
Dead leaves and aged newspapers splattered with a wanted murderer’s face pile around the black front door, desperate to be swept
I’m wearing a purple coat, itchy black sweatpants, sneakers that no longer fit, and a pink beanie hat
I’m still cold and hungry, but I’m alive today
I’m standing on a stranger’s stoop with the person taking care of me
“We’ll stop here for a bit.” She says, knocking on the door
I don’t have a choice in the matter
I am a burden who became someone else’s temporary burden
A child along for the ride during winter break, living in a troublesome city—south side
A man opens the black door

Read the full poem here: The House of Dead Leaves

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