little wastebasket full of tissues

tissues marked with tears

tears of unfulfilled dreams

dreams piled to the rim

staring back at me, as if to say,

“You failed again”



“This is pain,


to make room for dreams


Featured Image: Team GHB

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    I’m sure those tissues represents that yes pain is going away and things will be fantastic really soon.

    1. Kirsten

      Yes indeed! Can’t wait. 🥰


        POWER !!!!! 🔥🌀⚡

      2. Kirsten

        For real!

        Also, the combination of the word power and the emojis you used there made me think of Raiden (from Mortal Kombat). 😊


        Yeah I never realised that ☀️
        I used to say this in morning when I get up.
        Now I say something else, it gives me immense power to start the day. 💥

      4. Kirsten

        I like that though, very motivational.
        I hope you have a Merry Christmas Devang! 💕


        You too have a merry Christmas 🎄 and a very happy new year 🎉

      6. Kirsten


  2. Dawn Pisturino

    Very deep poem! I’ll never look at used tissues the same way again!

    1. Kirsten

      That’s the spirit! 🙂 Thank you for reading Dawn. I hope you have a Merry Christmas! 💕

  3. Pooja G

    I know I should think of hard times the latter way but I always think of it as failure. Loved the poem and it serves as a reminder that how you think of things makes a huge difference.

    1. Kirsten

      Ooh, I know. I’m the same way. It takes a lot to get out of that mindset’s powerful grip. But once you do, it’s one of the best feelings ever. 💕 I hope you have a Merry Christmas Pooja and thank you for reading!

      1. Pooja G

        I totally agree it’s difficult but also very necessary. Thank you and hope you have a Merry Christmas as well 😊

      2. Kirsten


  4. Cindy Georgakas

    Love it and I’m going with this Kristen

    ““This is pain,


    to make room for dreams


    1. Kirsten

      That’s great to hear! I am too, for sure. 💕 Thank you for reading, Cindy!

      1. Cindy Georgakas

        Awesome and you’re welcome!!!💗

  5. Mike U.

    Perspective is everything… I tend to fall into the former category of “unfulfilled dreams” and end up brooding over my many failures, but it’s so nice to be reminded that there are other ways to see reality. Perhaps what we see through the veil of our own depression, sorrow and despair isn’t the real truth, but our faulty reasoning and years of conditioning make it difficult to see life any other way. “Work-in-progress” is my middle name (or perhaps it’s “Pepperoni Pizza Guy 9000,” I forget.) 😀 Either way, this is a brilliant poem in both content and structure Have the best Christmas and New Year ever, Kirsten! 🙂

    1. Kirsten

      I feel you. I’m the same way too, and in some way, we’re all a ‘work in progress’, so you’re not alone at all, my friend. I appreciate you reading Mike, and thank you so much for your warm wishes. I hope you have a Merry Christmas too, and Happy New Year! 🎄✨️

  6. Jeff Flesch

    That’s magnificent. It’s true too, as the pain recedes, we have more space for dreams. Gorgeous poetry, Kirsten! 🥰💞

    1. Kirsten

      Thank you so much, Jeff. 💞 I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, my friend! 🥰

      1. Jeff Flesch

        You’re welcome, Kirsten! Always. Thank you so much, my friend. A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! 🥰💞

      2. Kirsten

        Thank you! 🎄💞🥰

      3. Jeff Flesch

        Always! 🎄🥰💞

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