The Fate of One Decision

Image by Team GHB
In the city,
raindrops march
against a troubled couple’s shared umbrella

A damning sound

to a decision

“A storm rages between us.”
Girlfriend whispers.

Boyfriend listens.

“It’s killing me slowly.”

In her hands, a slow pumping heart
ripped in two
Wet wind filters through
the hole in her chest,
soaking his bones in guilt

“You broke me inside.”

Gently, he takes her heart
hugging it to his own
holding on to hope
as a second chance

“I’m sorry,” he says,
staring in her soul
“I ended it with her. I love you. I only want us, don’t you?”

Her quivering lip
quick nod response

His steady heartbeat and apologies settle storms

Calm overcomes

Nine years and
three kids later
husband’s unlocked phone
texts left out in the open
reveal secret bliss
and lies
he said
that night beneath the crying sky

In the suburb,
raindrops march
against the troubled couple’s shared home…

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