The Fate of One Decision

In the city,
raindrops march
against a troubled couple’s shared umbrella
A damning sound

to a decision
  “A storm rages between us.”
Girlfriend whispers.
Boyfriend listens.
    “It’s killing me slowly.”
In her hands, a slow pumping heart
ripped in two
Wet wind filters through
the hole in her chest,
soaking his bones in guilt
  “You broke me inside.”
Gently, he takes her heart
hugging it to his own
holding on to hope
as a second chance
  “I’m sorry,” he says,
staring in her soul
  “I ended it with her. I love you. I only want us, don’t you?”
Her quivering lip
quick nod response
His steady heartbeat and apologies settle storms
Calm overcomes
Nine years and
three kids later
husband’s unlocked phone
texts left out in the open
reveal secret bliss
and lies
he said
that night beneath the crying sky

In the suburb, 
raindrops march
against the troubled couple’s shared home…

Featured Image: Team GHB



    Interesting poem! ☔
    I like the style.

    1. Kirsten

      Thank you so much! I’m pleased you liked it. 😊


        I love the concept.
        While reading it, I can imagine the poem. 🙂

      2. Kirsten

        Perfect! It’s the best when you can imagine what you’re reading. 😊



  2. Mike U.

    Wow, this is emotionally intense, and the imagery is so atmospheric. I hate how this ends, with the discovery of all the lies. Dang it. Very sad. But also extremely well written (as always). Your work is sublime in all its facets, Kirsten. Always a pleasure to read you. 🙂

    1. Kirsten

      Sorry this ended up in my spam folder! Glad I saw it. 🙂 Thank you so much, Mike for your kind words. Much appreciated. And I agree, it’s the pits giving someone a second chance only to be disappointed again. But, the darkest hour of all is the hour before day. 🥰

  3. Pooja G

    Wow, I love how the rain echos the issues between the couple. Great poem 😊

    1. Kirsten

      It was definitely the bearer of bad news. Thank you so much! 💓

      1. Pooja G

        You’re welcome!

  4. Dawn Pisturino

    Awesome poem!

    1. Kirsten

      Thank you kindly, Dawn! 💕

  5. Jeff Flesch

    A wonderful trip into the complexities of relationships, and of the boundaries we need to create. A gorgeous write, Kirsten. 💞🥰

    1. Kirsten

      Thank you, Jeff! 🥰💞 Relationships are a wild rollercoaster sometimes.

      1. Jeff Flesch

        You’re welcome, Kirsten! Always. 🥰💞 Ah, relationships are definitely that. I completely agree. Happy coming Sunday, my friend.

      2. Kirsten

        I hope you have a Happy Sunday as well my friend! 🥰💞

  6. Cindy Georgakas

    Oh Kristen, this was a poignant and beautiful right but I was so hopeful that it was a second chance made right. I want a rewrite.. lol.. love happy endings but your imagery and words painting the night sky in words was awesome! 👏

    1. Kirsten

      Thank you, Cindy! Haha, the winter season always pulls the darker stories out of me. I’m pleased you enjoyed it! 💕

      1. Cindy Georgakas

        Oh yes, time for the dark for sure.. You’re most welcome! 💗

  7. connetta

    Enjoyed my visit.

    1. Kirsten

      That’s great to hear! I appreciate you reading. Have a good rest of your week! 💕

  8. Knukkls

    Hmmm, “texts left out in the open
    reveal secret bliss”

    Even your poetry has a connecting world it seems. Am I wrong in noticing a different perspective from your poem titled “Secret Bliss”? The views of the same instance being blissful to one and heart breaking to another is really well stated in these peices. Bravo! 👏🏻

    1. Kirsten

      Heyoo! You caught that. 🙂
      Yup, the woman in this poem is the “different head” in Secret Bliss. Muhaha. It’s like a ‘story cordyceps’ is reaching out to me from other pieces I wrote and connecting them that way.

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