Image by Team GHB

I’m driving

I’m in control
But I don’t remember,
when my foot kissed the accelerator
or how I’m following the GPS navigator
staring at the stretched and broken white rectangles
Trance snapped
nine and three—eyes ahead
What happened?
I never felt

I owned the road
electric blue whip,
sunglasses at night
weaving, speeding threat
rapping to Outkast
cruising to the bookstore

A life in the past
Turned into a mother
driving a sport utility vehicle
kids in the back. I keep everything legal
despite the horrors
separated by stretched and broken white rectangles

A sense of boundary
the myth of safety from
horn revenge
vocal fingers
anxious heartbeats
struggle to breathe
a panic attack.
We’ll make it
We’ll make it
Eyes on the road—precious cargo
I’m good
I’m good

I’m good.

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