The Writer in the Family


“Um, sure. I read that stuff. All those words, writing just like grandfather.” Cousin Kim’s voice trails off.

She eye-flirts with the handsome funeral director standing near the chapel entrance.

“Oh.” Wow… “So… you’ve been to my website? My blog?”

Strange. We haven’t spoken since sophomore year when Kim ditched our friendship for the popular kids in school… But her sudden interest in my hobby is kinda flattering.

“All my writing is there.” I add.

Her nose wrinkles like she smells something foul. “What blog?” The funeral director walks away. “Damnit.”

I stare at her, smiling.

“Yeah… You gotta check it out. Get your phone.”

As if the act is a bother, she groans and retrieves her phone from the leather bottomless pit she’s carrying, taps her sparkly claw nails on the screen, then opens a new browser.

“Still a nerd.” She mutters. Eye rolls and all. “Now where am I going?”

“Fuck you Kim dot com.”

I head to the casket.

Talking to Grandfather’s lifeless body is better than dealing with this family.

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    This is fun!
    Interesting read.
    You always end stuff in middle, I would like to read more

    1. Kirsten

      Happy you enjoyed it! Haha, some moments in life are short and sweet. 🤗


        Can be said that!
        I enjoyed it for sure

  2. Samantha Burgett

    Oh I love little flashes like this! Very vivid and striking!

    1. Kirsten

      Thank you for reading, Samantha! 😊 Much appreciated.

  3. Pooja G

    Lolllll nice! I may use that the next time someone is rude to me 😂

    1. Kirsten

      😆 They’ll never see it coming. Thank you for reading! 💕

      1. Pooja G


  4. Mike U.

    I’m with Pooja–I’ve got to try this sometime! 😁 Your tales always deliver, Kirsten. Good stuff. 🙂

    1. Kirsten

      😄 Hah! It would definitely surprise! Thank you so much, Mike. 💓

  5. Jeff Flesch

    Hahaha. Your writing is always crisp, the imagery clear and bright. Love this one, Kirsten! 🥰💞

    1. Kirsten Curcio

      🥰💞 I appreciate that. Thank you kindly, Jeff!

  6. Max Ethan

    Some moments in life are short and sweet. I love little flashes like this! Very vivid and striking!

    1. Kirsten Curcio

      Thank you so much, Max!

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