Eyes Like Yours

rain-doused twigs tap my window
tentacle shadows
a dying day…
the sky oozes black
sprinkled stars float on
glittering eyes like yours
watching above

knocking at my chamber door?

“A moment of quiet to write a poem is impossible these days.” Sigh. “Come in.”

“Mommy, guess what!”

a daughter bringing vital news
rhyming disruption inserted
stupid self-narration—can’t stop it

“I can make my eyes white!”

“What?” I sit up in my chair to watch.

she stretches her eyelids wide
each eye rolls back—dramatic white!
no iris or pupil found

“Hah… Super cool. Your beloved great-gran, rest in peace, knew that same trick. It was eerie, but always made me smile.”

“I know.” She whispers.

“Huh? I never told you that.”

“Great Gran told me.
She’s back.
Wanna see?”

Note Drop

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