Eyes Like Yours

rain-doused twigs tap my window
tentacle shadows
a dying day…
the sky oozes black
sprinkled stars float on
glittering eyes like yours
watching above

knocking at my chamber door?

“A moment of quiet to write a poem is impossible these days.” Sigh. “Come in.”

“Mommy, guess what!”

a daughter bringing vital news
rhyming disruption inserted
stupid self-narration—can’t stop it

“I can make my eyes white!”

“What?” I sit up in my chair to watch.

she stretches her eyelids wide
each eye rolls back—dramatic white!
no iris or pupil found

“Hah… Super cool. Your beloved great-gran, rest in peace, knew that same trick. It was eerie, but always made me smile.”

“I know.” She whispers.

“Huh? I never told you that.”

“Great Gran told me.
She’s back.
Wanna see?”

Featured Image: Team GHB

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  1. Knukkls

    Written like a memory! Kids can say some wild things. Not sure if it’s because I’m on my PC today instead of my phone but your site seems different. It looks great!

    1. Kirsten Curcio

      Thank you! Haha, kids can say some revealing things sometimes. Their minds are on another level.

      Thank you for noticing the layout change, too! The themes are slowly getting better on WP I’ve noticed recently and the block editor isn’t as troublesome as I thought at first. Time well spent, I say. 😍

  2. thomasstigwikman

    Spooky story, very well written.

    1. Kirsten Curcio

      Thank you so much, Thomas! 🥰

  3. Pooja G

    Omg that ending 😮

    1. Kirsten Curcio

      Haha! Boo! Thank you for reading. 🙂

      1. Pooja G

        My pleasure!


    Ohhhh spooky!!!
    Love it.
    A surprising poem

    How are you doing Kirsten ?

    1. Kirsten Curcio

      Thank you so much! I’m doing well, starting to feel some warmer weather returning. 🌤 I hope your allergies are easing up. 😊


        Yes, here too…
        It’s getting hot
        And it’s just September.
        And hey this means you read my blog. ☺️
        Allergy is gone, will meet it in September next

      2. Kirsten Curcio

        Stay well! Best wishes. 😊💫

  5. Dawn Pisturino

    Creepy! Good job, Kirsten!

    1. Kirsten Curcio

      Thank you, Dawn! 💕 This was inspired by my daughter and her tricky eyes. 😆

  6. Jeff Flesch

    That’s adorable. Love it, Kirsten. 💞🥰

    1. Kirsten Curcio

      Hi Jeff! Thank you so much, my friend. 💞🥰

      1. Jeff Flesch

        Hi Kirsten! You are so very welcome, my friend. Always! 💞🥰

      2. Kirsten Curcio


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