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I recently did an interview with Masticadores that you can read here.

Big thank you to Masticadores and Manuela Timofte for their kindness and interest.


M. Since when do you write? What was an early experience where you learned that language had power?

When I was five, I received a bright red hardcover diary with a gold lock on the front accompanied by two miniature keys. At the same time, I was experiencing recurring nightmares about four letters. Every night they’d stand still, towering over me. Their presence and the style of font frightened me so badly I would experience sleep paralysis or sometimes feel myself being pulled toward the letters like a magnet. Luckily, this is where my diary helped calm me (I was a weird kid).

Inside, I sketched the same things: numbers, trees, sky, sun, a home, and the alphabet, including the four letters that visited every night to fight the nightmare. The lock made what I wrote feel like secrets. A private, peaceful playground no one could enter and gave me confidence. I even wrote rough drafts of entries on scratch paper so they would look neater when I wrote in my diary. Quickly, an obsession with letters developed. They intrigued me with their varying looks and each one had a unique personality whom I considered friends. E was intelligent and quiet, K was my boyfriend because we shared the same initial, S was sneaky, but I would imagine him as my knight against the four letters. From early on, writing became a fun and calming activity to indulge in.

At eight, I received a typewriter instead of a computer since those were super pricey. Regardless, the love was instant. The powerful sound the keys produced only to see it appear on the paper was magic. Then one afternoon, I started imagining moments, scenes. Dialogue came next, sentences formed. Across the paper they looked like paths. Paths I had characters walk. Characters I made walk. It felt powerful, that zoned in creative control, getaways with a beginning, middle and end. Shortly after, my recurring four-letter nightmares ended. The last one I had, I remember realizing inside the dream that I was asleep in real life and just needed to wake myself up. Once I did, the letters faded. There was nothing to fear anymore. I got the idea after watching A Nightmare on Elm Street. Can you believe Freddy Krueger helped an eight-year-old girl’s nightmares end?

It was official. I fell in love with writing and gained twenty-six soulmates who would take me anywhere…

Read the entire interview here.

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  1. Pooja G

    Loved the interview. When you said “Even when I’m not in the mood there are scenes, dialogue and plots popping in my mind.” I felt that. I’m the exact same way. Even when I’m not technically writing I’m always writing in my mind and creating stories/scenes etc.

    1. Kirsten Curcio

      Thank you kindly! Haha right? They’re like non-stop mystery writing gifts in your mind. 🎁 ✨️


      I would say, a writers brain never stop
      They are always writing. Whether physically or mentally.
      There are ideas and stories around us and we need to keep thinking about them.
      I get ideas randomly, I write them.
      Like I’ve some rough ideas for blogs I want to write in future and I’ve drawn rough sketch for it.
      However, I’m not as good as you, but yes now I consider myself a blogger.

      1. Pooja G

        Yes, you are most definitely a blogger now and true we are always coming up with ideas.


        Keep working on the ideas 💥


    Like the interview KC
    I have learned a lot about you today.
    I’m impressed and mesmerized with what you’ve shared.

    1. Kirsten Curcio

      Thank you!
      I’m not used to opening up like that. (Closes the door again) 😅


        Well TBH
        It didn’t sound like you

        I mean, I didn’t know you can talk this much 😛

        I’m glad to read it about you sis
        I’m happy for you.

        Sending you some explosive energy 💥

      2. Kirsten Curcio

        Thank you! 🤗 Best wishes!

  3. Jeff Flesch

    How fantastic! I loved the interview. 🥰💞

    1. Kirsten Curcio

      Thank you so much, my friend! Much appreciated. 🥰💞

      1. Jeff Flesch

        You’re most welcome, my friend. Always! 🥰💞

  4. Dawn Pisturino

    Congratulations, Kirsten!

    1. Kirsten Curcio

      Thank you kindly, Dawn! 💕

  5. Aloya

    Well written… The four Letter 😊

    1. Kirsten Curcio

      Thank you kindly for reading, Aloya! 😊

      1. Aloya

        You’re welcome 😊

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