Little Kindness

It’s going to be a nest, honey. Right… There. See? We should feel so special a soon-to-be mama bird wants her home here with us.

Dream Therapy: Joyless

Our next session isn’t for a few more days… I’m happy to see you, regardless. Are you okay?


A mother and daughter receive help from an unlikely source.

Ending High

Nature, coffee and conversations with my conscience made each morning the highlight of my day.

To Catch an Alien

A standard journey to Netsrik becomes complicated by Zirzal’s personal quest for a mate.

The Gift

When the doorbell rang, tiny brown hairs on the back of Steve’s neck stood at full attention. He didn’t get up to answer.

Hindsight Guilt

As if they were a victim of a strange, inescapable curse, the fog served as a reminder of how unclear and gloomy their life was.

Dream Therapy: Impostor Syndrome

I followed its gaze to a plump woman with red, cotton ball hair, sweating profusely. She sweats so much she melts into a pool of flesh, sliding down the steps of the school.

Holliday on the Moon

When Holliday broke apart her fortune cookie, she stretched out a tiny slip of paper with unusual words on it.