Category: Honey Grim

  • Grim Spirit

    Grim Spirit

    You’re okay…no matter what. I got you. Forever.

  • The Thing Beyond the Clouds

    The Thing Beyond the Clouds

    Atmospheric phenomena and a missing woman.

  • Matters of the Sky

    Matters of the Sky

    I am confident. A confident teller of truths.

  • SkyGrim


    It’s so large, like it could squish our lives any second.

  • Peaceful Days at Home

    Peaceful Days at Home

    Tiny drops of water hug her lashes like diamonds.

  • Hungry For Love

    Hungry For Love

    I follow his narrowed gaze to my hand. He’s looking at my engagement ring.

  • Let Me Tell You Something

    Let Me Tell You Something

    I can see the headline now: Sister of murdered man marries the killer woman’s son whose father killed one of three wives on Earth.

  • Black Mountain Honey Grim

    Black Mountain Honey Grim

    A sea of wildflowers and looming black mountains surround us.

  • Fortune


    She’s braver than I thought.

  • Nothing Happened

    Nothing Happened

    Nothing happened. Maybe it did. Who knows?