Category: Honey Grim

  • Smiling Faces

    Smiling Faces

    Can’t believe I’m responding with smiling faces.

  • Interesting Private Things

    Interesting Private Things

    I feel my sunflower move closer to me, gripping my shoulder. I think it’s afraid… Because I am.

  • You Know I Still Love You

    You Know I Still Love You

    I slam the accept button and grip the steering wheel. If this woman makes me crash my truck…

  • Come With Me

    Come With Me

    I’m so disappointed in myself I can’t look at my reflection. I’ve never cheated on anything.

  • Losing Control

    Losing Control

    We touch each other’s hands as we reach for the papers.

  • Control


    After Timothy left my place to catch his flight to the District, I dig out the note Emilian gave me from my backpack.

  • Vibes


    It was like I walked into her light and felt this immense harmony deep down. Everything was in balance.

  • A Thousand Kisses and One Note

    A Thousand Kisses and One Note

    With his usual murderous glare, Emilian watches me approach.

  • The Sky Is Black

    The Sky Is Black

    I scroll past her photo. I feel ashamed looking at it, like she knows I’m watching.

  • Ohmygosh


    This is when men’s word spells work the fastest—when I’m melting.