Category: Love

  • Anniversary


    A time to remember together.

  • Not With My Daughter – Part Two

    Not With My Daughter – Part Two

    Even with a cop on patrol, the thought of someone taking his daughter didn’t sit well.

  • Not With My Daughter – Part One

    Not With My Daughter – Part One

    Frank knew those boys well enough to know none of them would send this text to his sixteen-year-old baby girl.

  • Jack, Luke and Falen

    Jack, Luke and Falen

    Hi Falen, we met at the company Halloween party last weekend. I was the wolf. I was wondering if you’d like to get together sometime?

  • The Gift

    The Gift

    When the doorbell rang, tiny hairs on the back of Steve’s neck stood at full attention.

  • Ocean’s Kiss

    Ocean’s Kiss

    Who stole Vivi Rich’s gold egg?

  • Wanna Feel the Shadows?

    Wanna Feel the Shadows?

    A mysterious love you want to embrace, always.

  • Victor / Violet

    Victor / Violet

    It was difficult to hide his delight after drinking in her smooth, flowery scent.