• Trip

    her scribbled note goodbye. . .
    out-of-body trip
    she can't comedown

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  • Grace

    ice-dancer’s grace tumbles
    a child's giggle echoes
    from the audience

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  • Revive

    armoire filled with past tutus
    her revived dreams soar
    in the spotlight

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  • Karma

    evil behind smiles
    the universe sees through all
    karma making rounds

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  • Goodnight – Published in Spillwords

    Goodnight – Published in Spillwords

    I am thrilled to share that my poem Goodnight was published in Spillwords. Special thank you and warm vibes to all of my kind friends here on WordPress for reading and continued support of my work, as well as Dagmara K and the Spillwords team.


    your heart swells with love
    so thankful for their life

    Read the full poem here.

    Thank you for reading.

    Featured Image: Team GHB