• Karma
    evil behind smiles
    the universe sees through all
    karma making rounds

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  • I am thrilled to share that my poem Goodnight was published in Spillwords. Special thank you and warm vibes to all of my kind friends here on WordPress for reading and continued support of my work, as well as Dagmara K and the Spillwords team.


    your heart swells with love
    so thankful for their life

    Read the full poem here.

    Thank you for reading.

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  • Melancholy Repeat
    against waiting light
    he clutches shadows of
    accumulated disappointments
    a constant visitor
    comfortable friendship blinding him
    from hope
    set in his ways,
    to the light, he speaks
    “There is no destination.
    Only a beginning, middle and end
    destined to live.”
    inherited words he believes
    to the last second
    as shadows swallow
    his breath
    in time,
    light trickles upon his grassed over grave
    flowers burst from earth
    near rebels making love
    beside his sacred space
    through strangers, new life blooms
    a second chance, created within
    new bones, old soul
    set in his ways
    destined to live
    and again
    and again
    going through the motions
    “There is no destination.
    Only a beginning, middle and end
    on repeat.”

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  • Focus

    I’m driving

    I’m in control
    But I don’t remember,
    when my foot kissed the accelerator
    or how I’m following the GPS navigator
    staring at the stretched and broken white rectangles
    Trance snapped
    nine and three—eyes ahead
    What happened?
    I never felt

    I owned the road
    electric blue whip,
    sunglasses at night
    weaving, speeding threat
    rapping to Outkast
    cruising to the bookstore

    A life in the past
    Turned into a mother
    driving a sport utility vehicle
    kids in the back. I keep everything legal
    despite the horrors
    separated by stretched and broken white rectangles

    A sense of boundary
    the myth of safety from
    horn revenge
    vocal fingers
    anxious heartbeats
    struggle to breathe
    a panic attack.
    We’ll make it
    We’ll make it
    Eyes on the road—precious cargo
    I’m good
    I’m good

    I’m good.

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  • The Fate of One Decision
    In the city,
    raindrops march
    against a troubled couple’s shared umbrella
    A damning sound
    to a decision
      “A storm rages between us.”
    Girlfriend whispers.
    Boyfriend listens.
        “It’s killing me slowly.”
    In her hands, a slow pumping heart
    ripped in two
    Wet wind filters through
    the hole in her chest,
    soaking his bones in guilt
      “You broke me inside.”
    Gently, he takes her heart
    hugging it to his own
    holding on to hope
    as a second chance
      “I’m sorry,” he says,
    staring in her soul
      “I ended it with her. I love you. I only want us, don’t you?”
    Her quivering lip
    quick nod response
    His steady heartbeat and apologies settle storms
    Calm overcomes
    Nine years and
    three kids later
    husband’s unlocked phone
    texts left out in the open
    reveal secret bliss
    and lies
    he said
    that night beneath the crying sky
    In the suburb, 
    raindrops march
    against the troubled couple’s shared home…

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