• Forever

    Light dissolves, as we shed
    rhythms of heart battle,
    dwindling sands of time
    surrender to wind.
    Squeezing through 
    breezing past
    electricity pulsates vein webs,
    sliding through slick cylinders,
    cherry colored bold, burning ruby
    connected to heart, beats of life.
    Light surrounds, we’re weightless 
    souls in a rolling wheel
    ripping through existence
    reuniting through eons, 
    again and again,

    Featured Image: Canva

  • Ode to the Consumer

    Ode to the Consumer

    I want your time.

    I want you.

    Look at these new shoes,

    pay thousands, you can have them too. 

    There may be blood inside

    who cares, drink up, give them a try.

    Attention! Targeted audience, these soles will make you fly.

    I want your time.

    I want you.

    Look at this tasty food…

    Gluttonous flesh balloon, here, take two.

    Pin the recipe you’ll never make, culinary fool.

    May I offer an over-sized grill for meat?

    Never mind your car has a leak.

    I want your time.

    I want you.

    What are you sitting on, pleather?

    Try this expensive new cush.

    Get comfy, chill, let those bones turn to mush.

    Fall asleep watching remakes, the same old thing,

    hollow productions void of meaning.

    I want your time.

    I want you.

    Buy that dress they wore.

    Look! A ballgown in a grocery store.

    Pricey makeup from a sweatshop

    failed promises to make your eyes pop.

    Shiny new things call forth

    click more, we’ll tell you what you’re worth.

    I have your time.

    I have you.

    Now go forth, internet creation, be like everyone else.

    Aww, you’re sad?

    Gobble this addictive pill to ease that.

    Take them all, you don’t want to come back.

    Hand over your identity,

    I’ll keep it on the shelf.

    Need a stool to reach? It’s two days to ship.

    You’re right, that’s too long.

    Just forget it.

    Featured Image: Pixabay

  • Ode to the Garden Assassin

    Ode to the Garden Assassin
    Please don’t fear, I’m a friend
    I know you
    I watch you watch things
    like me
    Do you like what you see?
    Please, grace my lands
    gaze upon a majestic sky
    ruminate over life,
    like mine
    Will you slay me in time?
    I’ve beaten you to it
    You know me
    Sipping beneath your flesh
    … is what I like best.

    Featured Image: Team GHB