Keep Me

Let this tale serve as a reminder of the cost.


A mother and daughter receive help from an unlikely source.

Ending High

Nature, coffee and conversations with my conscience made each morning the highlight of my day.

Slender Fingers

Nothing could keep me there — “NO!” behind me something pulls my hair, dragging me through the mud.

To Catch an Alien

A standard journey to Netsrik becomes complicated by Zirzal’s personal quest for a mate.

Milk-Lime Mint Ecstasy

They’ve missed each other. Now, close friends Ethan Dust and Winter Velia reunite after a long time apart.

Welcome to the Family

I’ll allow it, if it happens, in exchange for your eternal silence regarding this matter. Let’s call it… Nothing at all.

Smile, Resting B**** Face

Y’all only saw in her what you wanted to be, happy. But you couldn’t, so you drained Miss Ezzy for it.


She bottled sunshine for me, before she went away.

Winter’s Shadow

Winter shook her head, trying to crawl her way out of the dead king’s memories.

Poison Bliss

Greya looked at the back of her hands where old scars resurface. Her knuckles split open and bleed out…

Cold Ooze Kisses

Ehren needed a tough nanny to deter the pests attracted to his child.

Slither Inside You

He fell to the marble floor with a mighty flop. Crimson liquid trickles from his mouth…