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As usual, I’m sitting on my couch home alone, flipping through choices for adult entertainment on TV.

Each woman presented is attractive, goddess like in their own way, but I keep going, passing the blondes, brunettes, purples, greens, reds, and blues. I’m looking for a woman with sun kissed skin, gray-blue eyes, and black hair, preferably big and curly like the way Misa’s looked when she came back from her beach date, all windblown and sexy.

Or a video of Misa herself.

I shake my head at the thought of it. She would never make adult entertainment. There’s no way. Too shy and submissive. Innocent…

She has this aura around her, gold as the sun and full of pleasure. Like the day after our placement test when she wore that yellow dress. I remember feeling so agitated about my shit score until she arrived.

Seeing her made me feel…

It was like I walked into her light and felt this immense harmony deep down. Everything was in balance.

Until it wasn’t again. I must’ve walked out of her light, back into my darkness.


I remember our written exchange in class earlier when Misa wrote she heard my night pleasures.

I glare at my sound system. Guess I’ll have to be quieter when I’m watching these videos…

Before Misa moved in next door, I bet I could get away with murder. Her apartment and the neighboring ones were unoccupied forever. Next, here’s Misa out of nowhere listening to me through the wall we share —


A video starring a woman that resembles Misa appears. I click on it, then unbuckle my belt.

I hear voices outside, inching closer.


I pause the video.

My front door is open with the screen door closed, letting in Misa and Timothy’s conversation. I forgot I left it open.

Good thing I didn’t get deep into this video.

I adjust my slacks and hide beside the door as I listen to them talk. As soon as this idiot leaves, maybe she’ll text me like I told her to in class.

I keep listening.

Timothy’s headed for the district to attend a family gathering, which means he will be out of Black Mountain and out of Misa’s air. Perfect timing.

“I’m so sorry Misa. I know we had plans—I just got the call. It may be for a week.”

“It’s okay, Timmy. Family is important. I’ll be here when you return. I’ll make us dinner when you get back. Maybe the chicken parmesan you liked? I can pick up your favorite berry beer, too.”

What? She cooks for him?

“Ooh. That sounds amazing. I’ll call you?”

No. She’ll be texting me, idiot.

“Please. Every day.”

“Okay… I’ll miss you, babe.”

What the fuck?

“I’ll miss you too.”

They’re making out. Misa’s standing on her tiptoes to reach the idiot’s lips. Her arms are down at her side, held there by Timothy’s suffocating grasp.

Are they dating?

I make a mental note to investigate this Timothy next. He seems… off.

After a few moments, he leaves, and Misa goes back inside. Finally. Now will she text me like I told her to?

I could text her, but how would I explain how I got her number when she didn’t give it to me? Just confess to my acts of espionage? Misa would get so upset about something like that. Ohmygosh Emilian, I’m calling the authorities! I hear her gentle angry voice in my head. But she’s so nice she’d forgive me after an apology and kisses. Then she’d forget all about it and still love me like I’m a God. That’s how I picture Misa. Kind, submissive, shy, delicate…


I slump on the couch staring at the paused screen, imagining I’m mounting the hot Misa lookalike.

I look closer. The guy has dirty blonde hair like Timothy.

Not watching that anymore.

I still don’t understand what he’s doing with Misa. How did they meet? She said she didn’t know anyone. Even her personal information stated no living kin…

I bet Timothy spotted her on campus, sniffed out her naivete, charmed his way in, realized she doesn’t have anyone and moved in fast to be her everything. That’s why when he apologized for whatever he did wrong, they started eating each other’s faces. Now Misa’s cooking for him and buying his preferred choice of beer. He’s her everything.

I have to apologize to her face. But if we kiss, I can’t walk away from that. Not with Misa’s vibes roping me in. She’s so… Hmm. We’d have to finish what we started.

Since Timothy will be out of the picture for a week, I need to make a plan to free Misa from whatever mind grip he has on her. She could do so much better.

But I have to apologize first.

I will. I’ll suck up my pride and say it. I’ll knock on her door, give the proper apology she wants and try to work my way into a friendship with her. Just to start. Nothing serious, just a friend. For now.


But first, this Misa lookalike. Just to get my thoughts straight before I go over.

I’ll… pretend the blonde guy isn’t there.

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