Category: Honey Grim

  • Black Mountain Grim

    Black Mountain Grim

    That was her, I swear. I can feel it. Everything happened so fast.

  • Talking to Myself

    Talking to Myself

    With every passing minute not knowing my grade, I die a little inside.

  • Placement Test

    Placement Test

    I come from an impressive line of strong Black Mountain Grim blood. We eat fear.

  • Word Spell

    Word Spell

    Once those hypnotic words take the shape of soft whispers and kisses, I’m done.

  • Honey Grim

    Honey Grim

    The classroom door swings open. I turn around to the dark shape idling in the doorway.

  • A Great Night

    A Great Night

    Misa goes on a date with Timothy to Cherri Cremonesi.